Cycling Links

Cycling Links

Organizations we are supporting:

Native Planet
Bicycle Alliance

NPOC Travel Bicycle Tours Partners:

Velo Topo

Best of the Pyrenees
Native Planet Adventures

Fellow Cycling Clubs:

Cascade Bicycle Club
Seattle Bicycle Club
Mt Baker Bicycle Club
Vancouver Bicycle Club

Supporting Bike Shops:

Bicycle West
Performance Bicycle
Redmond Cycle

Cycling Forums:

Road Bike Review
Cycling Forums
Bike Forums
Women Cycling Forums
Cycling Forum
Bike Cafe Forum

PNW Publications:

Bicycle Paper
Outdoors NW magazine
Northwest City Sports magazine

National Publications:

Velo News
Cycle Sport America
Bicycling magazine
Pro Cycling
Bike mag
Pedal mag

Tour de France:

Tour de France: Official Site
Tour de France News
Tour de France: OLN
Tour de France Blogs
Info about Mtn Passes

Interesting Articles & Sites:

Cycling News
Pez Cycling News
USA Cycling (US Cycling Federation)
Bike Ride
Bike Cafe
Ultra Cycling
True Sport
Road Cycling
Science of Cycling
Cycling BC
Wheels in Focus Seattle Photography

Nice Tools
Analytic Cycling
Bike Route Toaster
Bike Route Toaster2
Brad Culberson
Topo Route
Velo Geek
Map My Run
Motion Based Forum
Sport Tracks
Carbon Frame Repair

Maps, Cuesheet, Itineraries, Profiles
Bicycle Climbs
SBTC cue sheet library

Nutrition for Cycling Endurance
Snacks & Fluids
Energy Gels/Sports Drinks
Cycling Nutrition

On the Road with Bikes and the Law by Bob Anderton
Legally Speaking
Washington Racing Laws

Other Bike Related Sites
Bicycle Watchdog
Sponsor House
French Mountain Passes
Challenge Big

New Cool Products

PNW Weather Forecast
Washington Road: Weather Information
Washington DOT: Weather Forecast
Komo News
Kiro News
Weather Central
Seattle Times
Weather Underground


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